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We’ve prepared a bunch of tutorial videos, checklists and articles to help you get to know Bereev inside out.


For Planners

Navigating Your Dashboard 🧭

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Guided Planning (My Plans) 🤝

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Muslim & Non-Muslim Modes 🕌

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Plan Your Funeral 🪦

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Add Your Will 📝

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Add Your Insurance 📄

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Organise Your Finances (Part 1) 💵

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Organise Your Finances (Part 2) 💸

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Add Your Investments 📈

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Manage Your Properties 🏠

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Manage Your Vehicles 🚗

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Add Your Digital Assets 📱

Add Your Medical Records 📋

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Add Your Medical Procedures 👩🏻‍⚕️

Add Your Pets 🐱

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Leave Messages (With Recipients) 💌

Leave Messages (Without Recipients) 💬

Sidekicks, complete guide. 🦸🏻

For Sidekicks

What is my role as a sidekick? 🦸🏻

How to view someone else’s plan? 👀

How to report a death? 💀


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Upgrade to Plus ⬆️

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Switching Languages 🌎

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) 🔐

Death Checklist

Everyone is unique and has different needs, we’ve drafted checklists specifically for you.

Young Adults

Death doesn’t recognise age or youth, here’s what you need to prepare.


Secure your children and family’s future, here’s what you need to prepare.

Senior Citizens

It’s never too late to start planning, here’s what you need to consider.

Business Owners

Ensure the continuity of your businesses, this checklist will guide you on the essentials.


What to do when someone dies in Malaysia?

A step-by-step guide breaking down what you need to do when someone dies in Malaysia. From handling the funeral to dealing with JPN.

Apr 15 · 3 min read

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Helplines and other resources

Ready to plan?

Life is unpredictable but death isn’t, don’t get caught off guard. Create your #DeathPlan today to guide your loved ones when the time comes.