How to memorialise an Instagram account?

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When an Instagram user passes away, there are generally 3 ways to deal with their account; leave it as is, memorialize the account or remove it completely. In this post, we’ll break down the steps on how to memorialize a deceased loved one’s Instagram account. Check out Instagram’s Help page for the latest updates.

What happens to a memorialised Instagram account?

  • No one can log into a memorialized account.
  • The word Remembering will be shown next to the person’s name.
  • Memorialized accounts don’t appear in certain places, like Explore.
  • Posts the deceased person shared, including photos and videos, stay on Instagram and are visible to the audience they were shared with.

Once memorialised, no further changes can be made.

This includes:

  • Privacy settings of their profile.
  • Photos or videos added by the person to their profile.
  • Comments on posts shared by the person to their profile.
  • The current profile photo, followers or people the person follows.

1 – Locate Request Form

Head to this page and fill up the memorialisation request form.

2 – Include Your Details

You’ll be asked to provide your full name and email address.

3 – Include the Deceased’s Details

Next, fill up the full name of the deceased person along with their Instagram username/handle.

4 – Provide Proof of Death

Instagram requires valid proof of death, be it a death certificate, link to an obituary or news article in order to process your request.

5 – Specify Date of Passing

You’ll also have to specify when did they pass away or provide an approximate if you don’t know the exact date.

6 – Additional Information

Finally, there’s a field at the bottom of the form where you’re free to include any other information that’ll support your request.

Keep an eye out for the next few posts where we’ll be showing you how to deal with your loved ones’ other social media accounts when they’ve passed on; including Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and more.

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