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A few things to know about Bereev

Let’s face it, the way we deal with death sucks. Bereev aims to change the way we think of and deal with death by encouraging open and honest discussions.

Bereev is a completely new product which never existed before. Death preparation is so much more than just a will, we break it down on our Features page.

We’re proud to work with some of the biggest brands in the world including Zurich Insurance, Etiqa Insurance, Nirvana Memorial Parks and more.

Made in Malaysia, we’re no strangers to diversity. Bereev is available in English, Chinese and Polish with more languages to come very soon.

One of our proudest moments was when we launched Bereev in both Non-Muslim and Muslim modes in order to make all of our users feel welcomed.

What others have said

“Bereev takes the guesswork out of legacy planning.”

“Death can be a messy business, it shouldn’t be a taboo.”

“A unique app that helps users prepare for the only sure thing in life; death.”

“Some of the most important things in life are often the most difficult to talk about.”

“While we still can, it makes perfect sense to put our affairs in order to ease matters in moments of grief.”

“Nirvana and Bereev join forces to combine both the hardware and software of death preparation into a single experience.”

“Bereev holds everything together to make your eventual parting easier for those left behind.”

Press Kit

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