Organise Your Finances (Part 1) 💵

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Some features are available for Plus users only.

RM8,800,000,000, that’s the amount of unclaimed money in Malaysia alone. What makes up this crazy number? Bank accounts, insurance payouts, retirement funds (I.e.: EPF/KWSP) and more are left unclaimed after a person dies. And guess what are the 2 biggest reasons why families don’t claim them?

  • They don’t know that it exists.
  • They don’t know how to claim it.

Here’s the kicker, the government is considering using that money. Our money! Let’s not add to that statistic, after all, we work hard our entire lives in order to save up for our loved ones. Not the *cough*government*cough*. So let’s make sure your family truly understands your finances and what they’re entitled to.

Assets | Bank Accounts

1 – Go to Finance

Head over to Finance on the left-hand side of your screen.

Bank Accounts should be the 1st tile you see.

2 – Add Bank Account

If you haven’t done this before, this page will be empty.

Once you’ve updated this, it will appear as a list.

3 – Specify Bank and Account Type

Select which bank this account belongs to and the type of account from the drop-down lists.

Dropdown with the full list of banks in Malaysia.

4 – Include Branch and Account Number (Optional)

Let your family know which branch you opened this account at and if you like, specify the account number too.

Feel free to skip this step.

5 – Include More Notes (Optional)

Is there anything else your family should know? Put them here.

Pro Tip: Use this to differentiate what each account is for.

6 – Review Your Bank Accounts

All of your accounts will now appear as a list @ Bank Accounts.

Edit or remove any accounts by clicking on it.

Assets | Retirement Fund

1 – Go to Retirement @ Finance

It should be at the bottom of your screen.

Click on the orange Edit button.

2 – Add Retirement Fund

If you haven’t done this before, this page will be empty.

Once you’ve updated this, it will appear as a list.

3 – Specify Institution, Account Details and More.

Let your family know what type of retirement fund is this and how to access it.

Can be your statutory fund or even private ones.

4 – Upload Documents (Optional)

Attach any supporting document in this step such as your EPF/KWSP statement or anything else that’s relevant.

Supporting documents will make things easier for your family.

5 – Review Your Retirement Funds

All of your retirement funds will now appear as a list here.

Edit or remove any items by clicking on them.

Check out this video tutorial where our founder Izumi will show you how to organise your finances on BereevIf you have more questions, please reach out to us.

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