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Available for Lite and Plus users.

Last week we covered how to add your medical records on Bereev, today we’re introducing a new feature where you’ll be able to list down and organise every single medical procedure that you’ve gone through to paint a clearer picture of your medical history for your loved ones.

We’ve also been getting feedback from some of our users that you’re not just using Bereev to prepare for your death but some of you have actually used our app to plan for other forms of absence. A few weeks ago, a user who’s fighting a lifelong battle with cancer told us that she uses Bereev to make sure her family knows what they need to do whenever she’s in and out of the hospital for her chemotherapy treatments.

And one of the things she does is to list down all of her past and upcoming treatments and procedures on Bereev, noting down which Dr. is in charge of what and then attaching all of her documents in there just in case her family needs to get in touch with her healthcare provider. Let us know if you’re also interested in using Bereev for something like this, we’ll work on improving the app to serve all these new use cases that you guys are discovering.

1 – Go to Medical Procedure @ Health

It should be the 2nd tile you’ll see once you get to Health.

Click on the orange Edit button.

2 – Add Medical Procedure

If you haven’t done this before, this page will be empty.

Once you’ve updated this, it will appear as a list.

3 – Fill Up Procedure Details

Specify what type of procedure this is and where are you getting treated.

This step is mandatory.

4 – Procedure Date

Confirm when did/will this procedure take place.

Feel free to skip this step but we don’t recommend it.

5 – Include Doctor’s Details

Help identify who is your doctor or healthcare provider and how to get in touch with them.

Feel free to skip this step but we don’t recommend it.

6 – Attach Power of Attorney (Optional)

If you have a Power of Attorney (PoA) prepared, go ahead and attach it here.

Feel free to skip this step.

7 – Upload Documents (Optional)

Attach your prognosis/diagnosis letter, hospital bills or any other supporting documents during this step.

Pro Tip: Add your prognosis/diagnosis letter.

8 – Review Your Medical Procedures

All of the medical procedures you’ve added will now appear as a list.

Click on any of the procedures from this list to edit/delete them.

9 – Edit or Delete Procedures

If you need to edit a particular procedure, just click on it and you’ll find the Edit button on the top right of your screen. While the Delete or Remove button is at the bottom.

Come back and edit your procedures anytime.
Or remove them if they’re no longer relevant.

If you have more questions, please reach out to us.

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