Bereev x Nirvana: Combining the Hardware & Software of Death Planning

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Last year’s outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused much thought and concern among many people about how we live life, life in the new normal and life in general. It has also brought more focus on planning ahead and gradually more attention on life pre-planning and deciding on how one wishes to take their final journey of life. The pandemic has similarly affected industries to innovate and embrace technology to adapt to the new normal.

Nirvana Asia Group has been actively advocating pre-planning for many years. Its prevalence is a clear sign that more Malaysians are taking a pragmatic and logical approach to deal with mortality.

Evolving with the new environment, the leading bereavement care provider of the region has joined forces with a death tech startup, Bereev for the first time to combine the ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ of pre-planning to create a new experience and provide more confidence for people to plan ahead, as well as meeting future market needs.

Bereev is a comprehensive online pre-planning application that manages the needs of the people in planning ahead through a secure online platform. Its quick, convenient, safe, reliable and user-friendly features are catching on fast and very much in line with the needs of today’s generation.

The historic collaboration between Nirvana and Bereev marks a first for the Malaysian funeral industry and the region to launch a pre-planning app and also a first for Nirvana Asia Group as the only designated bereavement care provider in Malaysia to sign a partnership with Bereev to promote online pre-planning.

Watch the launch event of Bereev and Nirvana’s partnership.

Trusted death preparation app.

Can you imagine the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness if one day your unfortunate demise prevents your family from accessing your bank accounts or if they don’t even know about it; and perhaps to a lesser degree, they are prevented from accessing intimate family photos from your social media accounts?

Our general understanding of wills is to allocate estates, bank deposits, insurance, provident funds and others to designated beneficiaries upon a person’s demise. However, how will your family access online data and assets such as emails, Facebook account or e-wallet?

Bereev developed an online death preparation app based on market research to help users create a platform to record and store data in a secure digital vault so that they would be able to clearly communicate their legacies and messages to their next-of-kin or loved ones effectively in a cost-efficient way without leaving any regrets.

Izumi Inoue, the founder and CEO of Bereev said that the goal of the unprecedented collaboration with Nirvana Asia Group is to truly simplify pre-planning and make it accessible to everyone, as well as allowing us to be there for our loved ones during the most challenging moments of their lives. In addition to helping Nirvana customers pre-plan in a more complete way, it can also help Nirvana agents better understand the wishes and needs of their clients.

Izumi Inoue, Founder & CEO of Bereev

Emotional empowerment allows love to endure.

Datin Lee Jye Chyi, chief operations officer of Nirvana Memorial Park (Central Region), pointed out that Bereev ‘s thoughtful functionality goes beyond convenience and privacy. Its ability to record video, audio, images and text are electronically stored in advance. Once the user passes away, the information is sent to a designated person at a designated time.

“It’s like a form of emotional empowerment, where the user can compile all the information they want to convey in the form of family photos, precious videos, e-mails, social media and more in a secure digital vault. In an unfortunate event of the user’s demise, loved ones can easily access this information to reminisce on good memories.”

Datin Lee explains she hopes to make it easier for customers to plan ahead and manage their digital assets easily online through Bereev in the spirit of “assuring legacies beyond” by collaborating with each other.

Beginning 1 June, the first phase will kick-start by providing all customers with free access to the web-based application in the Malaysian Central Region and eventually expand it to all Nirvana branches nationwide.

Datin Lee Jye Chyi, COO of Nirvana Asia Group

Nirvana helps craft a good farewell for yourself.

Nirvana Asia Group mainly promotes pre-planning and over the years, it has actively instilled its importance in its customers. Additionally, by conscientiously training agents to assist customers in pre-planning, acceptance of the concept has gradually increased and become more popular in the market. This has led to many customers actively contacting Nirvana agents to pre-plan; therefore, 90% of the Group’s sales are attributed to the pre-need market.

Nirvana Life Plan is a pre-need plan that protects customers and prepares for the inevitable day. It is of great importance to both the customer and the family as it not only enables the deceased to undertake the final journey of life with dignity, but it also helps the family avoid all the travails that occur when a loved one passes so that they can focus on grieving and healing.

Moving forward, Nirvana Asia Group and Bereev will launch a series of campaigns to further meet customer needs for both new and existing customers to enjoy a new different experience. For further information and details on Nirvana Life Plans and Bereev, please contact our authorized Nirvana agents or visit

Renowned Hokkien singer Huang Yi Fei and his wife shares their take on pre-planning.

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