Guided Planning (My Plans) 🤝

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One of the most important things to know about Bereev is that there are actually 2 ways of using the app. First, there’s the more exploratory way where you go through each of the categories on our navigation panel and work on whatever that you’ve prepared at your own pace. The second is a more guided method, where you can pick different goals that you would like to achieve and follow the flow that we’ve curated.

Today we want to talk more about the 2nd method which we call My Plans or guided planning. In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how My Plans work and how you can make full use of this cool feature to further simplify your death preparation journey. Let’s do this!

1 – Go to My Plans

It’s the 1st thing you’ll see on your dashboard right below the welcome message.

How it looks before you start.

2 – Pick Your Goal

Currently, we have 4 goals to choose from; Plan Departure, Manage Assets, Organise Finances, Plan Medical Procedure and Plan Trip. We’ll be adding more soon.

Click on any of the goals.

3 – Introduction & Start Planning

Here you’ll read more about the purpose of this plan, once you’re ready we can get started.

Click on Start Planning.

4 – Follow the Flow

We’ve laid out what you need to do step-by-step in order to achieve the goal you’ve selected. Just go with the flow.

Check your progress with these icons.

5 – Add Items

Go ahead and start adding the items that we’ve recommended to you.

Add whatever that’s relevant for you.

6 – Skip if Not Ready

If you haven’t decided on a particular item, feel free to skip it for now. You can always return to edit it anytime.

Click Skip for Now.

7 – Mark Not Relevant

If you come across an item that’s not relevant to you, click on the Not Relevant button.

At the bottom left of your screen.

8 – Take a Break

If you need to take a break from planning and return to continue another time, click on Complete Later.

Go to the last step and you’ll find this button below.

9 – Track Your Progress

Keep track of your progress at your dashboard anytime, we’ll show you how far along are you and what else needs to be done to complete it.

Complete plans will be shown as 100% completed.
Incomplete plans will show what else needs to be done.

Check out this video where our founder Izumi shows you how My Plans (guided planning) works. If you have more questions, please reach out to us.

Bereev is a Death Preparation App that helps you prepare yourself and loved ones for your own death. Sign up for your FREE account here.

📝 Plan
Leave instructions for your funeral, financial and personal arrangements.

📂 Vault
Store vital documents like your will, insurance, medical records and more.

💌 Message
Leave messages for your loved ones which will be sent after you’re gone.

👥 Share
Invite the people you trust to view your plan and customise their access.

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Ready to plan?

Life is unpredictable but death isn’t, don’t get caught off guard. Create your #DeathPlan today to guide your loved ones when the time comes.