These 20 yo’s are preparing for death

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In this post, we want to share 3 stories from 3 actual Bereev users on why they’re using Bereev to prepare for their death. What is their motivation behind planning at such a young age and how are they using the app in their own unique ways. So let’s get started!

Syahira Omar

Favourite Features: Plan | Vault

Syahira just turned 26 this year and works in finance. Being financially savvy, her biggest goal now is to grow her assets while making sure that everything is organised from day one.

She uses Bereev to organise and update her financial documents and investments portfolio. Her aim is to easily pass this information on to her loved ones in the future when she’s ready to start preparing for her death.

Zetch Ng

Favourite Features: Vault | Share

Zetch recently became a father and he’s also the breadwinner in his family. His biggest priority is to ensure that no matter what happens to him, his family will be taken care of.

He uses Bereev to organise all of his legal and financial documents in the hopes that in case anything happens, his wife will be able to focus on taking care of herself and their young boy.

Shareen Foo

Favourite Features: Plan | Message

Shareen is a young doctor who is currently taking care of her parents and her 4 precious dogs. Her aim is to lessen the burden and stress on her loved ones when she’s no longer around.

She uses Bereev to safeguard her will and other important documents, specify her final wishes and make sure that her family knows how to provide the best care for her pets.

So there you have it, 3 different people from different backgrounds with different reasons on why they want to prepare themselves and their loved ones for their own deaths. It’s not all morbid guys, death preparation is just smart, plain and simple. Here’s a parting quote by Vulcan Post describing why it’s so important to take charge of death preparation when you still have the chance.

“It’s not about being morbid, instead it’s being realistic and logical.”
– Vulcan Post

Bereev is a Death Preparation App that helps you prepare yourself and loved ones for your own death. Sign up for your FREE account here.

📝 Plan
Leave instructions for your funeral, financial and personal arrangements.

📂 Vault
Store vital documents like your will, insurance, medical records and more.

💌 Message
Leave messages for your loved ones which will be sent after you’re gone.

👥 Share
Invite the people you trust to view your plan and customise their access.

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