Using Bereev

How does it work?

It’s super easy! Just sign up for a free Bereev account and you can start planning for your legacy.

  • Plan
    Answer simple/guided forms specifying your wishes for your retirement years, departure and funeral
  • Vault
    Store important documents that your family will need access to (i.e.: will, insurance policy, retirement benefits and etc)
  • Message
    Attach text/audio/video messages, tell us who to send it to and when.
  • Share
    Invite your loved ones to be a part of your planning progress as early as day one or when you’re ready.
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What is Bereev?

Bereev is a web-based planning platform (like TheKnot) that helps you create a plan for your loved ones to follow upon your demise.

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Why should I use it?

Without a plan in place, your loved ones may find themselves unprepared to deal with your departure.

  • Panic
    Not knowing what to do or who to call.
  • Loss
    Certain properties or assets may end up being frozen or lost completely.
  • Chaos
    Family members might have different or clashing views which may cause friction.
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Who should use it?

Everyone should have a plan in place regardless of gender, age, religious belief or background. Especially if you:

  • Have a will or life insurance policy (rudimentary planning so far)
  • Hit major life milestones (i.e.: getting married, expecting a child, buying a property or other assets, starting a business, diagnosed with a medical condition, going through a divorce or hitting a certain age)
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How much does it cost?

Everyone should have a plan in place regardless of gender, age, religious belief or background. Especially if you:

  • Bereev is free for everyone, forever! You can upgrade to a Bereev+ account anytime to unlock more features and space
  • Check out our pricing pag e to find out more about Bereev+.
  • Our invited beta testers get to enjoy a free 1 year subscription of Bereev+ in exchange for their feedback.
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How do I get started?

Head over here to sign up for a free Bereev account.

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What is a trustee?

  • A trustee is a person you trust well enough to include in your planning progress.
  • They can be your spouse, parents, children, siblings or anyone you see fit.
  • You get to choose what each trustee gets to see before sending them an invite so everyone’s access level is entirely up to you.
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How do I invite a trustee?

  • Log in to your dashboard
  • Click on Sharing and then My Trustee
  • Add a trustee
  • Fill in their information
  • Select their access permissions
  • Include a personal message optional
  • Send invitation and voila!
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What happens when I’m gone?

  • Your trustees can refer to your Bereev plan for everything they need to handle necessary arrangements.
  • If you have ‘messages’ in place, your trustee has to report that you’re deceased via their dashboard in order to trigger those messages to be sent out.
  • If you have more than 1 trustee, you can decide how many trustees are required to report you’re deceased before triggering above actions.
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How do you guard my data?

  • We use bank-level security measures to protect your data such as AES-256 encryption (which means that even we can’t see your data) and SSL using 2048-bit certificates.
  • To further protect you, our Bereev+ users can choose to activate two factor authorisation as an added layer of security.
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