Why did we start Bereev?

2 Deaths & 2 Friends

[Part 1: 2 Deaths]

That’s how Bereev came to be, that’s right with 2 actual deaths and 2 friends.

Back in 2016 when Izumi lost her late grandmother to pneumonia, her entire world fell apart. It was the first death so close to home and nobody knew what to do, it was a total mess. Chaos! Loss! Conflict! As if losing a loved one isn’t hard enough, the week that followed was a complete hell for the entire family. Her parents, aunts and uncles were all forced to make very difficult decisions within a short span of time, decisions nobody was equipped to make and soon after disagreements started to make its way into the already broken family.

Fast forward a year later to March 2017, it was now Izumi’s grandfather who we had to bid goodbye to. Now this was an entirely different story altogether. Ah Kong (as he was fondly known by his grandchildren) had a heads up, he was diagnosed with stage 4 parotid cancer in early 2017 and upon diagnosis, he made it clear that he would refuse any treatment or medical intervention. All he asked for was to spend his remaining days at home in peace with his family.

During those last few months, Ah Kong sat down with his children and for the first time ever in his life spoke openly about life/death and his last wishes. On top of that, he went through all of his possessions, cleaned out his room and made sure the family knew where to find all of his important documents and information.

When his time arrived, Ah Kong’s passing seemed almost like a smooth transition. The decisions were made, arrangements planned and everything was sorted out. This meant that every single member of the family finally had the chance to process their own feelings, grieve his passing and celebrate his life. It was clear that Ah Kong have done something differently to garner this outcome, he planned and communicated.

Ah Kong’s Last Birthday

So why not help others do the same? No doubt it’s intimidating to think about your own mortality, let alone plan for it. But why avoid the only guaranteed thing in life? Shouldn’t we do our best to make sure our loved ones will never be burdened at such difficult times?

And that’s how the idea for Bereev was born, with a very simple purpose. To help everyone everywhere plan for the inevitable so that we may all go on living fuller lives with complete peace of mind.

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