Who should use Bereev?

Are you a #Bereever?

Although we believe that everyone everywhere regardless of age, ethnicity or religious background should have a proper plan in place just in case anything happens to them, there are those who do need to sort out their affairs more urgently than the rest. As of now, we’re breaking it down to 3 groups of people who need to get a Bereev plan immediately.

If you have any of the following:

  • Will or wasiat
  • Life insurance
  • Personal accident insurance


If you’ve achieved major life milestones:

  • Married or divorced
  • Have children
  • Own a property
  • Run a business
  • Diagnosed with a medical condition


If your job is one with relatively high occupational hazard.

At the end of the day, death is the only guaranteed thing in life (a great equaliser too) which none of us can avoid no matter how hard we try. Our mission is to make sure more and more people realise this fact and decide to take a more pragmatic and logical approach when it comes to doing everything they can to protect their loved ones.

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