Bereev x Zurich

Bereev x Zurich Partnership Zurich Malaysia recently formed a partnership with Bereev, an online legacy planning platform, to help its customers with legacy planning in a simple, hassle-free manner. The unique web-based application allows users to plan and store crucial information on various aspects of estate planning – from wills to insurance policies, possessions, outstanding… Read More

Bereev x Etiqa x PolicyStreet

Bereev x Etiqa x PolicyStreet Partnership Bereev, Etiqa and PolicyStreet are working together to advance Takaful Protection in Malaysia by providing end-to-end solutions in helping consumers prepare for life’s uncertainties. With the release of Etiqa’s latest Takaful products via PolicyStreet, i-Secure and i-DoubleSecure, Malaysians can now easily access these products via, receive a RM50… Read More