Who should use Bereev?

Are you a #Bereever? Although we believe that everyone everywhere regardless of age, ethnicity or religious background should have a proper plan in place just in case anything happens to them, there are those who do need to sort out their affairs more urgently than the rest. As of now, we’re breaking it down to… Read More

Why did we start Bereev?

2 Deaths & 2 Friends [Part 1: 2 Deaths] That’s how Bereev came to be, that’s right with 2 actual deaths and 2 friends. Back in 2016 when Izumi lost her late grandmother to pneumonia, her entire world fell apart. It was the first death so close to home and nobody knew what to do,… Read More

Why should you use Bereev?

Planning + Communication = Peace of Mind There is a growing population of people who are invested in protecting their loved ones but are not sure where to start. As Malaysians, the common route to legacy planning is to first write a will/wasiat and if you have extra cash lying around, the next best thing… Read More

What is Bereev?

Bereev is a legacy planning platform. We’re similar to TheKnot in many ways but instead of helping you plan your wedding, we help you plan for the inevitable. With Bereev, you can now start crafting a plan to help guide your family when anything happens to you. Plan Fill in guided forms to plan everything including your… Read More