Bereev x Etiqa x PolicyStreet

Bereev x Etiqa x PolicyStreet Partnership

Bereev, Etiqa and PolicyStreet are working together to advance Takaful Protection in Malaysia by providing end-to-end solutions in helping consumers prepare for life’s uncertainties.

With the release of Etiqa’s latest Takaful products via PolicyStreet, i-Secure and i-DoubleSecure, Malaysians can now easily access these products via, receive a RM50 instant rebate and complimentary access to a premium account of Bereev, a legacy planning application that helps you craft a plan which will guide your family if anything happens to you (i.e.: terminal illness, accidents or death).

This collaborative effort is in line with Malaysian Takaful Association Chairman, Muhammad Fikri Mohamad Rawi’s comments that the Takaful industry should allow InsurTechs to help with cultivating demand for Takaful protection products, as the industry has been largely stagnant in recent years.

Zafri Ab Halim, CEO of Etiqa Family Takaful Berhad said:

“We embrace partnerships with FinTech and InsurTech startups and this collaboration between Etiqa, Bereev and PolicyStreet comes at a time when there is a call for the Takaful industry to further promote the uptake of Takaful protection products.”

Izumi Inoue, Founder & CEO of Bereev had this to add:

“End-of-life planning is still a relatively new concept for most Malaysians and Takaful insurance certainly plays a huge role in it. We’re excited to work with Etiqa and PolicyStreet to add value beyond insurance by encouraging their customers to craft their own legacy plan with the help of Bereev.”

Lee Yen Ming, CEO of PolicyStreet too adds:

“There is always a misconception that Takaful plans are only for Muslims but in reality, they are made available to everyone. Under the mutual insurance concept, members contribute a certain sum of money as premiums to a common pool and profits are shared amongst its members should there be any. Hence, it is exciting times for us to be collaborating with Etiqa and Bereev in offering value-adding products.”

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